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what to expect


As a fast growing campus we suggest you arrive a few minutes early so that we may continue with social distancing demands. One of our welcome center greeters and ushers will be there to assist you. 


As a visitor, we will ask you to put on your flashers when entering the parking lot. One of our attendants will give you a VIP Parking Spot! If you are in need of a handicap space, our attendant will direct you to park near the car port. Welcome Home!!

proof KIDS

Our proof KIDS setting will amaze the kids and adults alike. The children's church entrance is as soon as you enter the school down the hallway, to your right. One of our Greeters will be there to assist you in printing a security name tag for your child(ren). Should your child need you during service, your family's security number will be displayed on the screen of the main sanctuary. 

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